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HOUSEMARKET S.A. operates in Greece, Cyprus (through its subsidiary H.M. HOUSEMARKET (CYPRUS) LTD) and Bulgaria (through its subsidiary HOUSE MARKET BULGARIA A.D.). HOUSEMARKET S.A. is active in retail home furnishings sector (IKEA Stores)  as well as in providing catering services in accordance with the IKEA philosophy (the "IKEA Concept") and under the IKEA franchise system (the "IKEA Franchise System"). 


More specifically, HOUSEMARKET S.A. and its subsidiaries H.M. HOUSEMARKET (CYPRUS) Ltd and HOUSE MARKET BULGARIA A.D. are active in the development and operation of retail stores (including IKEA Restaurant), as these stores are described and operated in accordance with policies and procedures provided by the Franchisor. Within these stores, the Company and its subsidiaries sell furnishings and interior decoration related products of distinct IKEA Sweden design and quality, part of which are included in the IKEA catalogue. Also, these stores offer catering services including, inter alia, Swedish food and beverage prepared according to special recipes, based on the IKEA Retail System and under the IKEA trademark. 


HOUSEMARKET S.A. and its subsidiaries are members of FOURLIS Group of Companies which is one of the leading group of companies in Greece and the Balkans in providing quality consumer durable goods. The commercial activity is expanding in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.


FOURLIS Group is the successor of FOURLIS BROS S.A., a company founded by Anastasios, Stylianos, John and Elias Fourlis. During the last 70 years, the Group is dedicated in investing to its employees and to the quality of the workplace and the innovative infrastructure along with the functional relationships with suppliers. By these means, it manages to achieve high levels of productivity and to maximize customers’ satisfaction.


The Group is an official member of the Global Compact of the UN since 2008, proving in practice its commitment to responsible business. It is important to note that FOURLIS Group remains firmly active in the development process, with substantial contribution to the Greek economy.


Education and training of workforce, regular and fair assessment at all levels as well as commitment to the Group's values – “Integrity”, “Respect” and “Efficiency "- continue to be the significant comparative advantages through which the Group seeks to achieve its objectives.



Business Activities

Group HOUSEMARKET through its subsidiaries in Greece and abroad is active in the following divisions:

  • Retail Home Furnishings (IKEA stores) through HOUSEMARKET S.A., H.M. HOUSEMARKET (CYPRUS) Ltd and HOUSE MARKET BULGARIA EAD.
  • Storage and Distribution services (Logistics) through its subsidiary TRADE LOGISTICS S.A.
  • Real Estate Constructions and Development through RENTIS REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS S.A., subsidiary of H.M. HOUSEMARKET (CYPRUS) Ltd.
  • Holding of Investments through WYLDES LTD and its subsidiaries VYNER Limited and SW SOFIA MALL ENTERPRISES Limited. 


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HOUSEMARKET Group Structure



* HOUSEMARKET Group holds investments thought WYLDES LIMITED in Sofia South Ring Mall EAD (shareholding of 50%).


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+30 210-6293000 (Accounting Department and Investor Relations)

+30 210-3543551 (IKEA Service Office)

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  • Address: Building 501,Commercial Park of A.I.A.
    EL. VENIZELOS, Paiania, GR-19019, Athens
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