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FOURLIS Group is its People, all those supporting its operations on a daily basis.
At the FOURLIS Group, to create and maintain employment positions, to cultivate an environment of safety, meritocracy and personal development as well as to provide equal training, evaluation and awarding opportunities for everyone, is the core of our corporate philosophy.


For our People:

  • We apply anthropocentric and modern policies and practices & we take significant and ongoing initiatives
  • We recognize and award our Employees’ contribution.
  • We support and reward the efforts of our employees’ children.
  • We apply the program EF ZIN (Well Being) that was launched in 2010 with the main objective to inform employees on healthrelated and well-being issues, while encouraging them to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


Each year, the Department of Corporate Society Responsibility implements a series of actions targeting on the People of FOURLIS Group. The actions that the CSR Department implement focusing on the pillar of Our People, are described in the corporate website of FOURLIS Group.


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