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In 2014, FOURLIS Group adopted the motto “WE LIVE TOGETHER” which expresses the way that the organization is acting but also its role as part of the society where it operates.

Thus, FOURLIS Group is in constant and close engagement with the societies where it operates, with citizens and local communities, bodies, organizations, NGO’s etc., in order to be constantly informed, to be able to evaluate their most important needs and to plan and implement actions aiming to respond to the most material of them, creating the preconditions for a better life for everyone.

Some of the most important recent actions implemented focusing on the pillar of the Society are:

  • Library refurbishing program
  • Support of local production and local communities
  • Cοοperation with the non-profit organization “BOROUME ” (WE CAN)
  • Participation to support program of UNICEF in collaboration with IKEA Foundation
  • Hosting NGO's in IKEA stores
  • Participation in major sporting events
  • INTERSPORT - We Reach the Edges
  • Support to numerous organizations and foundations
  • Support to country's cultural heritage 
  • Voluntary blood donation
  • Donation of food and other essential supplies

The actions that the CSR Department implement focusing on the pillar of Society, are described in the corporate website of FOURLIS Group.


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