FOURLIS Group has adopted high business ethics standards assuring the compliance and the cooperation of all its employees. FOURLIS Group has created a Code of Conduct that represents an "active" document of the Group and includes the following standards:

1. Obligation of adherence to business ethics and compliance with legislation

FOURLIS Group employees behave ethically and lawful, irrespective of their position within the company or the place they are working at. Our assurance includes conformity with ALL laws that regulate or are valid for the operation of the Group's companies as well as the conformity with business ethics standards.

2. Communication of cases where non-ethical or non-lawful behavior is observed

The Code of Conduct Line of the Group is available 24 hours a day and anyone may call the Line in order to report any concerns related to Code of Conduct violations or non-compliance with the valid legislation.

The access to the Code of Conduct Line of the Group may be obtained by phone, landline or cell, at (+30)2106293010. There is also an e-mail available:

3. Conflicts of Interest

FOURLIS Group employees do not allow any business transactions to be influenced or seemingly influenced by their own personal or family interests.

A conflict of interest may arise in case that us or any family member of ours acts or has any interest that makes the execution of our duties objectively difficult or in case that we accept any inappropriate benefit as a result of our own position within the FOURLIS Group.

4. Business gifts, payments and fair transactions

FOURLIS Group employees shall never offer / receive (directly or indirectly) any object of value to or from any client nor influence or reward any action, violating as a result the FOURLIS Group or the client's Policy.

5. International business behavior

FOURLIS Group, as an international Group of Companies, recognizes its responsibility towards the countries within it conducts business. FOURLIS Group complies with all laws and regulations, respects any legal fees applicable in the countries where the group's activities take place and does not participate in any action of commercial blockade.

FOURLIS Group employees shall never make any payment or offer nor give anything valuable to any foreign officer (or candidate for a political position) or consultant or representative, unless they are absolutely certain that this payment is intended for actual business services and that it is legitimate according to the applicable local legislation and the Code of Conduct of FOURLIS Group.

6. Precision and preservation of company archives and documents

The FOURLIS Group companies keep records of financial documents that precisely and accurately reflect the company transactions. In addition, they do have an internal audit system.

It lays in the FOURLIS Group employees' responsibility to maintain accurate and correct archives of all the FOURLIS Group activities. The business files shall be kept according to the internal procedures of the Group's companies and the applicable laws. The FOURLIS Group employees shall in no event document inaccurately or falsify data.

7. Company announcements

FOURLIS HOLDINGS SA provides accurate and timely communication to shareholders and bodies through its Investors Relations Department in order to supply shareholders and bodies with full and accurate information on any subject that concerns the financial status of the Group's companies as well as the results of their actions. Only natural persons authorized by the FOURLIS Group BoD may communicate with public bodies and Media in order to announce data relating to activities and financial results of any FOURLIS Group companies.

8. Working Environment at FOURLIS Group

The primary operational principle at FOURLIS Group is the respect of other human beings. The companies of FOURLIS Group express their respect to all their employees by providing a positive, productive and safe working environment.

The Policies of :

  • equal employment opportunities,
  • banning of sexual harassment,
  • anti-violence policy within the working area, and
  • a working environment free of drugs / alcohol

within the FOURLIS Group, prohibit discrimination and harassment and ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

9. Trade and competition practices

Antitrust and competition laws aim in establishing the existence of a balanced business environment where enterprises have a fair competition in terms of prices, quality and service.

FOURLIS Group employees always, without any exemption, comply with the rules and the spirit of Antitrust and competition laws and do adopt this Policy.

Every agreement or ownership (official or unofficial, expressed or implied) among competitors in order to raise, reduce or stabilize rates is illegal and strictly prohibited.

10. Merchandise quality and natural environment protection

FOURLIS Group employees should inform their Supervisor immediately in case they receive any information concerning problems with the quality of the merchandise.

FOURLIS Group is bound to maintain a responsible attitude towards the environment and comply with all environmental laws and regulations. The FOURLIS Group staff minimizes the companies' impact on the environment through methods that are socially responsible, that are based on science and that are financially acceptable (recycling and energy consumption programs etc).

11. Use of the Group's assets (equipment and services)

The FOURLIS Group's assets, its installations and its resources (human and material) are used by the employees only for the Group's purposes and not for any personal purposes.

12. Confidentiality

FOURLIS Group employees that have access to confidential or privileged information concerning business activities of the Group, must never disclose them to anyone nor be used for personal benefit or benefit of others.

13. Use of electronic mail (e-mail) and Internet within the working environment

FOURLIS Group employees must use the electronic mail (e-mail) and the company's Internet at work exclusively for company purposes.

The access to Internet sites that are not related with aims of FOURLIS Group companies is strictly prohibited.

14. Usage restriction of privileged information for transaction purposes

FOURLIS Group employees do not perform any transactions with FOURLIS HOLDINGS SA based on their access to privileged information. They shall not disclose any privileged information about FOURLIS Group to anyone, not even to their own families.

15. Participation in Community Activities and Politics

The FOURLIS Group staff through their voluntarily participation in community activities and politics does not only improve the social environment but contribute in the enhancement of the consumer credit and the good reputation of FOURLIS Group of Companies.

16. Social Media Networks Usage

It is essential that all FOURLIS Group staff is aware of the principles that govern their participation in Social Media (Facebook, blogs, Twitter etc.) when they refer directly or indirectly to the Group / the Group's Companies as well as any brands that those companies represent.

The FOURLIS Group staff must use the Social Media based on the Principals of Transparency, Accountability & Conformity with the applicable international Internet use rules and Group policies.

17. Relationships between employees working at FOURLIS Group

FOURLIS Group is aware that conflicts of interest may arise when relatives are working at the same Company. For this reason:

  • Hiring of relatives within the same Company of FOURLIS Group is not allowed
  • For future relationships, relatives are not allowed to work in the same department when there is a hierarchical relationship between them (Manager/Subordinate) or even in different departments where conflict of interests may arise.
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