The Charter of Operations has been conducted in accordance with the requirements of article 14 of L.4706/2020. Upon its preparation and drafting, the provisions of the Greek laws, EU regulations, EU directives and decisions of the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission, dis-played in the Chapter 9 “Procedure for the Legislative and Regulatory Compliance” of this Charter of Operations, have also been taken into account.
The Charter of Operations applies to HOUSEMARKET SA, a company listed in the Athens Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), and includes:
  • the organizational structure, the objects/scope of the units, the committees of the Board of Directors or other standing committees, as well as the duties of their Heads and their guidelines.
  • the reference to the principal characteristics of the Internal Control System (ICS), includ-ing the internal audit division, the risk management and the regulatory compliance.
  • the procedure of hiring of the senior managerial officers and the assessment of their per-formance.
  • the compliance procedure for persons exercising managerial duties and persons having close relations to them, with the obligations of article 19 of the EU Regulation 596/2014.
  • the notification procedure for any dependency relationship between the independent non-executive members of the Board of Directors and the persons, who are having close bonds to the aforementioned persons (independent non-executive members of the BoD).
  • the notification procedure of any dependency of the independent non-executive members of the Board of Directors and of the individuals, having close relations to these persons.
  • the policies and procedures for prevention and fighting of conflicts of interests.
  • the policies and compliance procedures of the Company with legislative and regulatory provisions regulating its organisation and operation, as well as its business activities.
  • the procedure of the Company for the handling of inside information and data, and the correct information of the public, in accordance with the provisions of the EU Regulation  596/2014.
  • the policy and the procedure for the execution of a regular assessment of the Internal Control System (ICS), by individuals with relevant professional experience and no-dependency relations. 
  • the training policy of the members of the Board of Directors, the executive officers, as well as the other officers of the Company, in particular of those involved in the internal audit, the risk management, the regulatory compliance and the information technology systems.
  • the sustainable development policy performed by the Company.

Summary of Charter of Operations of HOUSEMARKET S.A.

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