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Corporate Bond


Corporate Bond

HOUSEMARKET S.A. issued a five-year Corporate Ordinary Non Convertible Bond Loan with a fixed annual coupon of 5%, quarterly coupon payments and minimum participation of €1.000 per investor.


The Corporate Bond was issued through public offering in Greece between 28 and 30 of September 2016 and the fourty million common bonds listed in the regulated Debt Segment  Market of the Athens Stock Exchange Market.  The Corporate Bond was issued with the use of the Electronic Book Building platform, which is a fund raising mechanism offered by the Hellenic Exchanges S.A.


The Bond symbol in the Athens Stock Exchange Market is HAOUSMB1 and has ISIN GRC8081169B2. Fore more information on the price and statistics of the bond (with 15 minutes delay), you can visit the relevant webpage of Hellenic Exchanges


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