Prospectus of HOUSEMARKET S.A.


Prospectus of HOUSEMARKET S.A.

The Prospectus and the other information on "HOUSEMARKET SOCIETE ANONYME FOR TRADING HOUSEHOLD ITEMS, FURNITURE AND CATERING ITEMS" (The "Company") which are contained on this website, concern the public offering in Greece and have been prepared in accordance with applicable Greek legislation, whereas the Prospectus has been approved by the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission only as regards coverage of the information needs of investors, as laid down in the provisions of Regulation (EC) No 809/2004 of the Commission of the European Communities, as in force. Moreover, the Prospectus will be available to investors in electronic form on the website of the Company (, of Hellenic Exchanges – Athens Stock Exchange S.A. Holding (hereinafter HELEX A.E.) (, of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (, of the Issue Advisor and underwriter EUROXX SECURITIES S.A. (, of the underwriter NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE S.A. (, of the underwriter INVESTMENT BANK OF GREECE S.A. ( and of PANTELAKIS SECURITIES S.A. ( as well as in written form at the Company’s offices, Building 501, Commercial Park of Athens International Airport "El. Venizelos", Paiania, 190 19, Greece, tel. 210 3543551 and at the underwriters' branches in the Greek territory no later than six (6) working days before the closing of the public offer and until the closing thereof pursuant to Article 14(2)(d) of Law 3401/2005, as in force.

Each new important element which may affect the assessment of the Company’s transferable securities and results or is established during the time between the approval of the Prospectus and the closure of the public offer or the commencement of trading of the Company’s bonds on the HELEX regulated market, is referred to in a supplement to the Prospectus, which will be published by the above means.

The Prospectus of HOUSEMARKET S.A. is posted on this website according to the provisions of the applicable Greek legislation. Access to the Prospectus published on this website and the distribution of the Prospectus and of any other documents or information contained in this website may be limited by the applicable legal and regulatory framework in some countries. This website and the content thereof does not constitute advertising for offer of securities and do not constitute in any way an offer or invitation to tender or invitation to purchase or invest in securities. Copies of the Prospectus should not and will not be posted or distributed or sent in any other way in any country in whose territory the said distribution or shipment not allowed by the applicable legal and regulatory environment.



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